2014 AGM Notes

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Notes from the AGM of Friends of A Handful of Harmonies September 30th 2014 19.30 @ The Manor West Deeping.

Present - 21

Apologies – Jean Cornford, Theresa Grove, Rowena Sampson, Helen Carrick, June Garford.

Notes of the last AGM held September 5th 2013 – Agreed & Signed as a true record.

Matters arising – None.

Treasurer’s Report – Pat Weavers presented her report, a copy of which is attached. Total raised over the year was £5416.91, total expenses were £3095.31 and there is £2336.46 in the account. It was agreed to increase awareness of the FoAHoH easy fundraising account.

Chairman’s Report – Jackie Dodds presented her report, a copy is attached.

Election of Officers – under the constitution committee members are in office for 3 years. The following officers stood down: Rowena Sampson - Secretary, Genevieve Stocker – Deeping rep, Sue Ward – Spalding rep. Helen Carrick has been acting as Peterborough rep after Claire Bruce resigned during the year.

The following were elected to the committee;

Secretary – Genevieve Stocker, proposed by Jackie Dodds, seconded Jane Aldous.

Deeping Rep – Debby Gay, proposed by Genevieve Stocker, seconded Karen Human.

Peterborough Rep– Helen Carrick, proposed by Jackie Dodds, seconded Beryl Jenkins.

Spalding Rep – Caroline West, proposed by Sue Ward, seconded Gail Luke.

Next Steps – The notice boards have proved to be a good idea, Jackie Dodds stated that the committee will ensure they are kept up to date with an ever evolving events schedule, posters for upcoming events and suggestion forms.

Andrew Clingo asked if there should be a brief description of who FoAHoH are, the meeting resolved to add something to the welcome letter included in the A Handful of Harmonies pack. At weekly sessions, Reps could be introduced to new members, encourage people to check the boards & remind people of events happening soon.

The question was raised whether Our Big Gig may happen again next year, it is possible that a similar event may take place but not as part of OBG.

Genevieve Stocker announced that a ‘Handbag Auction’ will take place throughout October with all the proceeds going to FoAHoH.

June Bird suggested and agreed to organise a ‘Chase the Ace’ at Show Choir, raffle tickets will be sold and the winner of the raffle will choose 1 card from a suit of 13 cards, if they draw the Ace then 50% of the pot is theirs.

Sue Ward commented that it seems to be the same people at fundraising events, Jackie Dodds pointed out that we are keen to promote events outside of AHoH & are encouraging non-choir members

Karen Human suggested organising a ‘Family Sing a Long’ for the next film night.

Karen Human & Rachel Waterhouse said that another CD would be produced early next year.

Application for Charitable Status – Jackie Dodds advised the meeting that Pat Weavers had worked very hard on the original application, and she had supported her but sadly it was unsuccessful. Jackie has sought advice on any amendments that are needed and she is now more confident we will qualify on the second attempt. Pat advised that it takes about 3 weeks from applying to get an answer.

Christmas Social Fund – Jackie explained that original committee decided to give each choir group £25 to spend at the last session before Christmas. The existing committee followed suit last year. Having received some feedback that it was not a good use of FoAHoH hard raised funds, she asked those present at the meeting to vote Yes or No, with a show of hands, if FoAHoH should continue to donate funds to each session, the majority voted No. Many people present felt that groups would still organise their own celebrations at the end of term.

AOB – Andrew Clingo was asked if FoAHoH should support A Handful of Harminies financially. He replied that the majority of fundraising for Harminies is organised by Anja Greaves and he didn’t think it would be necessary on a regular basis but possibly for a specific purchase. They can be incorporated within the charitable application, especially if funds were provided for educational purposes.

Yvonne asked about the Christmas dinner & dance being taking place in December. Andrew advised that it is not a fund raising event although there would be a raffle on the night. It is being organised by a couple of ladies from Peterborough, he has asked them to get in touch with those who have paid their deposits regarding menu choices and final balances.

June Bird asked about the Ceilidh being held on October 18th, unfortunately as Rowena Sampson wasn’t at the meeting we are unaware of how ticket sales are going, reps were reminded to promote tickets at the weekly sessions.

Suggestions put forward for spending:-

Jennie Sharman asked about a transportable clothes rail and Karen Human asked about music stands. Jackie Dodds asked that they both complete suggestion forms and hand them in for the committee to review at the next committee meeting.

Beryl Jenkins asked if risers were still being considered for purchase, Andrew replied that there are many side issues involved with them such as transporting, storage,
health & safety, regularity of use, value for money as they would cost between £6,000 – £10,000.

Andrew told the meeting that the Performance at Stamford Arts Centre on December 6th is raising funds for FoAHoH. He asked that the performance be promoted widely and that ticket sales should be encouraged.

Andrew then thanked all the committee members for their hard work during the last year.

Date of next AGM – 29th September 2015.

The meeting was closed at 20.55

After the meeting had closed, there was much discussion regarding Suzy Grigson’s offer of a marquee to be used for a fundraising event on December 21st that will be in the grounds of The Manor for her daughter’s wedding. It was decided that Andrew would lead a group of volunteers to hold a ‘Carols for Cancer’ concert.

Friends of AGM 2014

Chairs Report

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the second AGM of Friends of AHOH. I would like to begin by thanking Suzy Grigson for offering the use of her home as the venue for our meeting and for providing refreshments.

I was very pleased to be elected as chair of this group when Jill Eve stood down last year, as I believe its purpose of “raising funds to support choir members to learn to sing and provide opportunities to perform together” is a commendable one. We are delighted to be able to support the AHOH choir in this way whilst at the same time remaining a distinctly separate entity from it.

I can recall being surprised to learn that in its first fifteen months Friends raised an impressive sum of £5000 and as you have heard in the Treasurers’ report we have achieved that again this year. I am so pleased that we have been able to respond to requests to fund coaches and tickets for the London performances, and recently a portable PA system. Please remember that we will consider a request from any member for funding as long as it meets the stated aims of the group.

We never lose sight of the fact than many of the AHOH members simply want to go along to sessions for the pleasure and enjoyment of singing and have no interest in performing –but we are pleased to be able to support those members who want to stretch themselves a bit further by contributing to their costs.

With this in mind, building on the arrangements already in place we have our core committee of officers and a representative for each location. This group meets on a minimum of four occasions per year, and we also communicate regularly with each other by email. Our approach is deliberately low key –we do not want to be intruding on AHOH session time to promote what we are doing – but we do want to be able to reach people who are interested and are keen to be involved.

To that end we have purchased display boards which contain the schedule, newsletters, posters for forthcoming events and request/ suggestion forms.

The reps all wear pink badges to identify themselves if you want to discuss anything with them. We have made extensive use of the website – Friends of AHOH now has a tab on the home page, and we have linked a dedicated email address to each rep. All newsletters, quiz results, meeting notes and forthcoming events are posted on the website to give easy access for anyone who wants to check them out. In addition an email prompt goes out when the newsletters are posted. So it’s all there for you to read at your convenience.

We attempt to have one fundraising event taking place each month -and amongst other things this year has seen theatre trips, quiz nights, race nights, sing a long film nights and an Easter Fayre incorporating the AHOH Bake Off which turned out to be a great success. Our trademark Pink Tombola has generated a lot of income at some of these events, and well done to Sue Ward for her inspired idea. Working in collaboration with Andrew the proceeds from sales arising from the “CD Experience” is also bringing in a significant amount of funding. I would particularly like to thank Pat Weavers for asking guests at her recent “big birthday” party to make donations to Friends of AHOH in lieu of presents - a very generous gesture which is hugely appreciated.

So we have tried to be varied and imaginative in our approach –however some events have not been well attended and we really want your suggestions and we would also like to see choir members set up some fundraising themselves – more of that later on in the agenda.

So I am thrilled to report another successful year, with still plenty more to do with the performance at the London Palladium in March in our sights and a very ambitious aim to fully fund the costs if we can.

I would like to thank the committee for their very hard work and tireless enthusiasm during this year, and to specifically thank Rowena Samson who has been our secretary and Sue Ward our Spalding rep, both of whom are standing down from these roles. I would like to thank Andrew for working closely with us and for his practical contribution as MC at many of our fundraising events.

But we couldn’t do any of it without you- so a huge thanks to you, your family and friends for your ongoing support -we have raised a lot of money but we’ve had a lot of fun doing it!

With every good wish for another successful year.

Jackie Dodds



This year has again seen fantastic fundraising efforts.

I would like to thank all those who have organised fundraising events as well as everyone who has supported said events.

The accounts are presented as Receipt and Payment Accounts and have been independently verified.

The accounting year is from 05/09/2013 to 22/09/2014.

Total funds raised: £5,416.91

Breakdown of fundraising events profits:

Theatre trips - £1,333.41
CD orders - £1,157
Race nights - £752.70
Easter fayre - £709.71
Donations - £493
Music nights - £279.33
Quiz sheets - £262
Quiz night – £231
Our Big Gig - £90.20
Easy fundraising / Utility warehouse - £88.80
VAT return - £19.76

Total expenditure: £3095.31

Funds spent:

£2110.95 on coach hire for London performances.
£506.41 PA system.
£139.85 notice boards and lanyards.
£175 Xmas gift to each choir group.
£188.10 Combined Liability Insurance

Since Friends of A Handful of Harmonies started in May 2011, the funds raised:

Since Friends of A Handful of Harmonies started the expenditure on items purchased equals: £8758.36

Breakdown of expenditure:

£7,612 to help members access West End performance opportunities.
£506.41 P A system to enhance outside performances.
£300 Xmas gifts to each choir group.
£200 costume accessories for West End performances.
£139.85 notice boards and lanyards to improve communication to all.

A full copy of the accounts are available for review and I present them to the committee.

Mrs Pat Weavers Treasurer

Date: 30/09/2014