Newsletter – July 2015

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Harmonies & Harminies

Hello ladies – I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Already over halfway through the summer term – doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! The term ends late July but never fear there are workshops running into August to make sure you get your “fix” – more about that later. I’ve been a bit concerned lately that some new members have only stayed for a few weeks so recently asked you all for feedback on your experiences. Thank you so much to the many of you who took the time to reply and for the very constructive feedback I have received. Some of this newsletter will be devoted to clearing up some of the misconceptions. Four years old in July – how did that happen?


This has been really useful, and thank you all again; I have already been able to make some changes that have been well received, such as including a couple of the old numbers in each session to just “sing along” to rather than be learning – this has made for some very enjoyable sessions in the past few days. It always seems to be that the sessions that are well attended learn more quickly (maybe because if you make a mistake no one will notice!) and of course you tend to produce a better sound. So it is in everyone’s interest for people to be getting what they want from the choir and keep the sessions lively.

Some misconceptions –

If you have joined the choir you need to practice songs that you have missed (four years’ worth!) in your own time. Absolutely not – we will be working on new and old material at sessions all the time from now on which will help people to catch up. But if you don’t look at any music from one week to the next that is fine – the choir is there for your enjoyment to use as you want to. Some people have more time to spend and can learn pieces – but that is their choice and it’s not a competition! Some people do want to do more and take part in performances – but they actually number less than half of the total choir.

You have to be able to read music to sing in AHoH- definitely not. There are some music readers in each group but we learn music by ear and go over it until we get it right. The members who can read music are always willing to help you to keep your place, especially useful if we have to repeat a line, and in future these instructions will be written more clearly on the music that we are working with to help you follow the piece.

Some people have left the choir because they find standing for the warm up is too long – please, please, sit or stand whenever you like and don’t worry about what your neighbour is doing!

And finally, (and please don’t shoot the messenger); several people have mentioned that they find use of mobile phones during a session to be rather distracting. May I respectfully request that if you are expecting an important communication during a session it might be an idea to sit towards the back and slip out discreetly to take your call? I will reserve any personal comment on this issue other than to say it is affecting new members which is ultimately affecting the choir numbers.


A series of four workshops have been set up for the summer break and these are available to book online or by completing the flier that is available at all sessions. All workshops will run from 7-30pm to 9-30pm and cost £6 per person.

The Sound of Music – Monday 27th July 2015 at Langtoft Village Hall, Langtoft.

Miss Saigon – Wednesday 29th July 2015 at Tinwell Village Hall, Tinwell.

African Theme – Wednesday 5th August 2015 at Spalding United Reformed Church, Spalding.

Bring a Bloke V – Friday 7th August 2015 at Bourne Abbey Church Hall, Bourne.

Something for everyone so why not come along and try something different? Remember you don’t have to be a member of AHOH to attend workshops so please ask your friends to come along as well.


We are currently taking bookings for performances up to the beginning of October –if you are able to sing please sign up using the following link: -

Keep an eye on the website for future performances which will be available to book from 10th July.

Please remember that some concerts are open to show choir members only – if you are interested in joining the show choir and doing that little bit extra, please come and see me at weekly sessions.

Annual General Meeting

Friends of AHOH will be holding their AGM on Tuesday 29th September in the Green School, Church Street Market Deeping PE6 8DA. Arrival from 7-30pm please for a prompt start at 7-45pm. This is a public meeting and anyone is welcome to attend. We will be reporting on our year to date and plans for future fundraising – and we would love you to bring along some new ideas. Hope to see you there.

And finally .....

Friends of A Handful of Harmonies run social events and other fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to support the choir -more information can be found on the following link: or see the Friends’ display boards.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm – onward and upward for year five!!

Andrew xxx

“You learn a lot about people when you listen to the songs that mean something to them” Unknown