2012 – December

Minutes of meeting held on 27 December 2012 (Download as a PDF File)


Minutes of meeting held on 27th December 2012 at 7.30pm

1. Present: Sandra Papworth-Langtoft, Alison Marsh-Stamford, Sue Ward-Spalding, Jean Street-Bourne, Debbie Weston-Treasurer, Andrew Clingo, Jill Eve-Chairperson. Apologies: Jane Lawrence, Genevieve Stocker, Kerry Pirie, Sue Martin, Rachel Waterhouse

2. The minutes of the last meeting were not available. It was requested that the minutes should be available to the members within two weeks of a meeting so that it provides a reference point for actions, especially if the meetings are to held less often.  Action: secretary

3. There were no matters arising.

4. The treasurer’s report detailed that the balance at present is £1035.38. £760 was paid for the bus to Her Majesty’s London. £19.25 was raised from donations for the books, carboot revenue £47.60, £385 for the Blood Brothers trip (inc Bingo), £30 for hall hire, £163.50 credit re ticket purchase for London, Receipts were received for reimbursement for the expenses for the end of term choir group gatherings. The Christmas fayre expenses/revenue has yet to be finally calculated but is appears to be approx. £430.

5. Andrew suggested he would approach Sandra and Suzanne regarding the race Night organisation. Debbie offered to help with the tote. The date is the 26th Jan 2013. Andrew said he has some tickets etc left from the last one that can be used. Andrew said he would liaise with Jill as to what has been decided. Action Andrew

6. A newsletter will be produced by Andrew each month with a separate section for the Friends of… which will provide details of who to contact with fundraising suggestions/help/questions. It will have details of any events scheduled, any money raised, money spent and on what. The officers will provide Andrew with details for this monthly. Action Committee officers and Andrew

7. Any other business: A requests letter was further discussed, this will hopefully be available for the start of the new choir term, Rachel is putting it together. The letters will be available for anyone to request funds, within the remit of Friends of constitution, or suggest a use for the money or any new ways of fundraising. A letter was read out that was received from Jackie Dodds. Andrew is to request any minutes etc from the Secretary for inclusion in the Website. Debbie is to enquire as to whether to insurance covers events in private homes. The production of a calendar was discussed and Sue Ward will investigate printing costs before any decision to go ahead is made.

Date of next meeting: Friday 15th March 6.15pm at Langtoft Village hall. Committee members from other groups welcome at the choir session afterwards FOC