2012 – July

Minutes of meeting held on 17 July 2012 (Download as a PDF File)


Minutes of meeting held on 17 July 2012 at 49 Towngate East, Market Deeping, at 7.30pm.

Jill Eve ‐Chairperson
Jane Lawrence ‐ Secretary
Kerry Pirie ‐ Market Deeping Rep Jean Street ‐ Bourne Rep
Anja Greaves ‐ Langtoft Rep Claire Bruce ‐ Peterborough Rep

Sue Martin ‐ Stamford Rep
(Debbie Weston ‐ Treasurer also not present)

Minutes of Last Meeting:

Minutes of the meeting held on 11 June 2012 were read, agreed and signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:

The update on the bank account is that we have an account number, but as at ten days ago (approx), no actual documents have been provided, but all money raised so far has been deposited.

A grant of £1000 has been applied for, details of which it was hoped Debbie could provide.

Profits from the trip to see Wicked will also be given to ‘Friends of . . .’ fundraising.

It has also been decided that it must be made clear by Andrew that merchandise bearing the ‘HoH’ logo are not for the fundraising for ‘Friends of . . .’.

A decision is to be made as to how much is to be given from the fundraising efforts towards the trip to London. The reasoning behind this was to be able to provide money for other functions like Christmas parties etc. Also whether any funds raised were to be put towards the cost of T‐shirts or fleeces and can also be used for the hire of the hall for perhaps a ‘mini

social’ once a month, where everyone will have the chance to get together for a chat and drink.

It was also decided that a conscious effort must be made that any fundraising efforts were to be made outside of choir, which up until now seems to have been the only way funds have been obtained. For example, quiz sheets could and should be sold in other places such as work.

For Claire’s benefit it was made clear that ‘A Handful of Harmonies’ and ‘Friends of A Handful of Harmonies’ are separate entities and that anything arranged by Jackie (Events) and/or Deidre (Press/Marketing) is also separate.

It had been suggested that each Rep, via Andrew at their respective session, would as their group if they had any fundraising suggestions or ideas. Jill performed an experiment and asked Andrew to introduce all the Reps to their relevant groups. He subsequently managed to introduce Kerry to the Market Deeping group, but that, unfortunately, was the only one. Are we then to decide that it perhaps would be better if each Rep actually introduced themselves to their own group? This would be to both inform groups of progress and what is going on and to gather their suggestions and ideas.

Each Rep to be more proactive within their group and not to completely rely on Andrew, also as people need to know who their Rep is and what is going on.

Also Vice‐Reps are to be appointed and are to join us at meetings. Vice‐Reps put forward so far are: Sandra Papworth ‐ Langtoft

Genevieve ‐ Market Deeping

Jackie Harrison ‐ Peterborough

Car Boot flyers were put out at meetings, as this week was the last week of term and items

for sale will be needed. Action Anja.

Collections for the car boot are needed and can be taken to choir sessions and then stored

at Jill’s until the actual time of the car boot.

Matters regarding the London Theatre group have now been clarified. Ticket allocation, refunds and cut‐off dates have all been answered in emails from Andrew.

There are 35 people attending London, with 8 on a waiting list. Actual places are 50, so there is slight confusion as to why there is a reserve list.

It has also been agreed with Andrew, that only one ticket need be sold by each participant.

Two tickets have been donated for a raffle or maybe something else. Many thanks to Beryl Jenkins for her kind donation. As of yet it has not been decided how these tickets are to be used.

Empty seats on the coach to be sold to others for shopping etc as another way to make funds for ‘Friends of . . .’.

It was established that although ‘Friends of . . .’ was formed specifically for the trip to the London Theatre, any other money raised will also be used to provide for any other activities or items that may be deemed necessary.

The age limit of choir members was also discussed. For example, Ellen is 11 and is included in the adult choir, whereas there are others who are older but are only part of ‘Harminies’. Some content of songs are not suitable for younger members (eg ‘Poison’).

The role of the reps was questioned by Jean, as for example, the car boot was advertised, but she knew nothing of it. It was explained that this was to obtain items to sell, in time for the funds to be put towards London. Not, as Jean was afraid, to raise funds individually. Although it could be said that for example, if someone were to arrange a cake sale that would not be detrimental to ‘Friends of . . .’ and the proceeds would be acceptable.

Following on, if ideas are suggested or thought of, it has been agreed that a quick email to the Committee might be appropriate, even if only to make sure that fundraising activities are not being repeated without others knowledge.

A quiz of Sports and Games was decided upon to run in conjunction with the Olympics and Paralympics. This is to be typed up and sent out to all groups. Action Jane.

More fundraising ideas included an antiques night and cheese and wine evening. Also discussed were various places to hold activities or hiring an ‘expert’ on a wine tasting evening. Also a concert at St Guthlac’s Church, Market Deeping would be looked into.

With regard to Reps’ feedback, it was announced that Jean Cornford(??) is to organise a BBQ, charging £10 and all funds raised will be passed on to ‘Friends of . . .’.

Also discussed was the idea of a little booklet to be sold, with various, good, old‐fashioned recipes. Could be used as a stocking filler at Christmas. Proceeds would be added to funds raised.

The Constitution was discussed regarding several queries. These have, on the whole where possible, been agreed and amended. All members will be provided with a new copy. Action Anja.

With regard to Reps’ feedback, it was announced that Jean Cornford(??) is to organise a BBQ, charging £10 and all funds raised will be passed on to ‘Friends of . . .’.

Many thanks to Jill for providing refreshments and the use of her home.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is on Friday 31 August 2012 at 49 Towngate East, Market Deeping at 7.30pm.

Minutes Submitted by:

Jane Lawrence ‐ Secretary

Approved by:

Jill Eve ‐ Chairperson