2013 – March

Minutes of meeting held on 15th March 2013 (Download as a PDF File)

Notes of a meeting held on 15th March 2013 at 6-30pm in Langtoft Village Hall

Present   Jill Eve (Chair) Sue Martin (Stamford), Sandra Papworth (Langtoft),  Kerry  Pirie, Genevieve Stocker (Mkt Deeping),Sue Ward  (Spalding),  Debbie Weston (Treasurer), Jean Street (Bourne), Rachel Waterhouse (Oundle).

Jane Lawrence (Secretary) had sent a message that she was delayed but did join the meeting.

In attendance Andrew Clingo

Apologies Alison Marsh

Noted that there was no representative from Peterborough and Jill had sent messages to her.

Action Jane to contact re date of next meeting

Notes of previous meeting: held on 27th December 2012   at 7-30pm The Bull, Market Deeping.

Notes of previous meeting had not been available and it was agreed that secretary should aim to produce notes two weeks after each meeting to enable actions agreed at the meeting. Action Jane

Notes of December meeting were read and accepted as a true record.

Matters Arising 

Jill asked for clarity regarding insurance if meetings took place in a home. Debbie confirmed as long as no pyrotechnics were in use there was no need for additional insurance. Discussion took place about public liability for external venues which would be covered either by the organiser of the event or by AHOH insurance.

Sue Ward had investigated printing costs for calendar – outlay too great at this stage so the suggestion will be held for now.

Treasurers Report

Debbie had received £435.60 in a bag left at her home with a breakdown but was not sure where it had come from. Jean suggested it was the Craft Fayre at Christmas. Debbie requests that any money should be identified against the event from which it had been raised. Debbie requested that members contact her if they want to hand over money to ensure an audit trail of funds.



£480 St Guthlacs Church Concert

£100 Quilt raffle

£168 St Michaels (40% of profit)

£539 Race night at Thurlby

£331 Theatre trip

Balance in account £2281.35p

Debbie advised that bank accounts have to be independently audited and she can only be responsible for one account.  Members must not set up accounts in the name of AHOH and Andrew confirmed that no one was authorised to use this name.

Fundraising events

Strawberry Fayre –Sue has looked at a number of venues which were discussed and the Vista centre looks promising. Summer months are very busy when looking at events, concerts and possible rehearsals. Provisional dates 22nd June or 6th July.

Quiz Night at Northborough Village Hall to take place Saturday 18th May details to be circulated.                Action Debbie


Easter Supper 6th April – discussion re progress on ticket sales - Andrew to check with Suzanne. Action Andrew

Confirmed that people singing but not attending do not need to pay admission fee.

Raffle prizes donated for the Beetle Drive have been given to Suzanne for the Easter Supper. Anyone planning an event with a raffle please do not buy raffle tickets as we have a large supply.

Discussion about how many tickets have been sold to non AHOH members as fundraising needs to focus on general public rather than specifically AHOH members so that they do not become overwhelmed with requests. Jill confirmed all events are open to the public and there is no expectation that AHOH members attend fundraising events –it is a matter of personal choice.

Andrew said onus is very much on the organiser to promote the events they are putting on and use Friends reps to promote them wider as necessary. It was agreed that many of our fundraising events have been attended by external people.

Jane Lawrence mentioned that some events in venues other than churches might be appreciated as some potential audiences may not wish to attend a church. Andrew clarified that individual members are free to arrange events at any venue.

Use of churches has generally been in response to requests and generates funds for the church and / or AHOH and represents putting something back into the community.

Andrew described some initiatives he has in mind to generate income for the business which will be separate to Friends activity and more information will follow.

Funding for London including flowers

Jill asked if London performances are likely to happen. A company have approached Andrew regarding the London Palladium on 23rd June. However all members would have to buy a tee shirt for the finale and tickets are more expensive. Andrew has decided to attend this show with a view to take part in a future production and invited members to accompany him.

Her Majesty’s Theatre 6th October will do ahead as we want that relationship to continue. It is exciting and important for members to be given an opportunity to perform in West End Theatre. Five slots this time giving us more exposure.

With money in account Friends of AHOH can pay for bus. With funds available probably be able to buy tickets en block to sell on to members and the general public.

Jill suggested purchase of purple flowers for the central choir group as overall the choir is bigger than before. This is an appropriate use of Friends funds.


Debbie everyone is busy and time is passing so we need to set date for AGM. Jill confirmed must be by October.

Debbie asked if she can make enquiries to retain an accountant to look at the figures to be prepared for the AGM. This was agreed.

The group aims to advertise the AGM widely to promote good response to raise the profile of the Friends group. It was suggested this could be before a regular session.

Five weeks’ notice in range of venues are required to advertise the AGM.

Discussion about suitable dates agreed the beginning of September term. Date fixed at Thursday 5th September venue tbc- possible the Open Door Church in Market Deeping. Cheese and wine provided by Friends to be available after the event. Action Debbie to source venue



Andrew asked for confirmation that there will be support for Her Majesty’s on 6th October from Friends of AHOH –Jill confirmed that anyone can request funds from Friends and as long as money is available and the request is appropriate it will be met.

Jill went around Stamford to collect raffle prizes for Beetle Drive and composed a letter to use as evidence of choir membership. This letter and a template letter of thanks to firms who make a donation to be made available on the member’s area.

Sue Ward - Strawberry Fayre asked if more support would be given if events were twinned for example with Cancer Research. Andrew clarified that this is up to the person organising the event where funds are directed and breakdown of profits can be negotiated by them with the relevant body.


Next meeting to be held   12th July Langtoft Village Hall

Meeting closed 7-17pm