2013 – July

Minutes of meeting held on 12th July 2013 (Download as a PDF File)

Friends of a Handful or Harmonies

Notes of a meeting held on 12th July 2013 at 6-30pm in Langtoft Village Hall

Present   Sandra Papworth (Langtoft), Genevieve Stocker (Mkt Deeping/ Chair),  Jean Street (Bourne), Rachel Waterhouse (Oundle), Debbie Weston (Treasurer).

Jane Lawrence  has resigned as secretary.

Debbie was welcomed to the meeting following her recent illness.

In attendance Andrew Clingo.

Note taker Jackie Dodds.

Apologies Jill Eve, Alison Marsh, Kerry Pirie, Sue Ward.

Notes of previous meeting: held on 15th March 2013 read and accepted as a true record.

Matters Arising 

Further consideration has been given to putting the letter of authority for collecting template onto the members’ area. It was felt this was widely accessible and could lead to abuse, therefore this would more appropriately be held on the Friends Committee area.

Treasurers Report

Outgoings: £3000 donation to Handful of Harmonies for London.

£3000 `loan` for London

Income includes:         £ 436.00 Market Deeping Parochial Church

£ 573.63 Easter supper

£3000.00 Repayment of London `loan`

Balance in account £36 which includes 3 post-dated unbanked cheques for London in October.

Andrew confirmed that to secure the tickets for Her Majesty’s a block booking worth £6k had to be made. Friends loaned £3k for this which has been repaid by ticket payments from AHOH members. Andrew has additional money paid by members which he is holding to pay for the coach.

Jean concluded that FoAHOH has subsidised the theatre trip by £3k.

Feedback from groups none


AGM This will be held at the Open Door Baptist Church in Deeping St James at

7-30pm to 10pm on 5th September 2013.

Charge for the venue is £15 per hour, cheese and wine will be provided.

Brief discussion- who is going to organise and pay for this – to be discussed outside the meeting with Jill.           Action Genevieve / Jill


Jill had asked if we wish to apply for a grant from News International who support charitable organisations. Waitrose and the Co-operative society also support local good causes.

The group felt that we should apply to these and any relevant organisations for support as we become aware of them. Genevieve passed the application forms to Debbie as treasurer.


A request has been received from a member of AHOH to support them by funding their attendance at sessions. This was discussed at length:-

  • According to the constitutional aim of the group this could be considered an appropriate use of funds raised.
  • Does the Friends group want to help this individual?
  • Would this be setting a precedent?

It was felt that to support this request would be potentially contentious and could set a precedent. At present there are no funds available.

Genevieve proposed that the request is refused, seconded by Sandra and a majority vote supported this proposal.       Action Genevieve


Debbie has obtained two quotes for auditing the accounts

Moore and Thompson £400 +VAT

Dexter and Sharpe £144 inc VAT.

It was agreed to accept the quote from Dexter and Sharpe, auditing must have been completed by the AGM

Next meeting to be agreed at AGM

Meeting closed 7-20pm