2012 – June

Minutes of meeting held on 11 June 2012 (Download as a PDF file)


Minutes of meeting held on 11 June 2012 at 49 Towngate East, Market Deeping, at 7.30pm

Jill Eve ‐Chairperson
Debbie Weston ‐ Treasurer
Jane Lawrence ‐ Secretary
Kerry Pirie ‐ Market Deeping Rep
Sue Martin ‐ Stamford Rep
Jean Street ‐ Bourne Rep
Sandra Papworth ‐ Langtoft Vice‐Rep

Claire Bruce ‐ Peterborough Rep
Anja Greaves ‐ Langtoft Rep

Minutes of Last Meeting:

Minutes of the meeting held on 21 May 2012 were read, agreed and signed as a true record

Matters Arising:

Clarification was made by Debbie that only two (2) signatures were needed, but that one (1) must be her own in her capacity as Treasurer.

Both Jackie and Anja have provided details and breakdowns of quizzes and the tea dance.

It was also made clear to all present, that Andrew, Jackie and Deirdre are not members of ‘Friends of . . .’.

The bank account has now been set up, with the account number to be provided by Nat West in due course. Details to be forwarded to Jane. Action Debbie.

Insurance for Public Liability was also confirmed, payment for which Debbie is to be reimbursed. Details to be forwarded to Jane. Action Debbie.

A breakdown of donations raised so far was discussed and is to be forwarded to Jane to be included in the next meeting. Action Debbie.

Suggestions were made to appoint ‘vice’ reps. This was to step in should a Rep from any group not be able to make a meeting and also to ‘help’ where needed.

Debbie also established that ‘Friends of . . .’ is not a registered charity as it is anticipated that we will not raise funds of more than £5,000.

‘Friends of . . .’ and ‘A Handful of Harmonies’ are separate entities and as such, ‘Friends of . . .’ are unable to designate where and when ‘Harmonies’ will sing. That decision is Andrew’s completely. Money raised by ‘Friends of . . .’ is and will be, completely separate to that of ‘Harmonies’.

Future fundraising events were discussed and these included many different ideas, such as an inter‐group sing‐a‐long‐a‐thon with sponsor forms; cake stalls; cakes, pies etc ‘sold’ at concerts (re Quarrington); concerts to be held at other venues (St Guthlac’s, Witham‐on‐ the‐Hill); Harvest Festival; Hallowe’en Party; DVDs/CDs; Christmas Party/Dinner; Casino and/or Race Nights. The list goes on . . .

Also discussed with regard to fundraising, was the possibility of further quizzes being produced and sold. For example, July’s theme could be the Olympics.

The question of an ‘honesty bar’ was raised, with the feeling that it wasn’t a success at the Tea Dance. Debbie is to look into getting a licence. (Jane’s son, Thomas, holds his own, personal licence for selling alcohol etc).

It was also suggested that either the Reps themselves or via Andrew, groups were to be asked if they had any suggestions and ideas for fundraising events.

Any Other Business:

Clarification to be sought from Andrew regarding the London Theatre trip. Ticket allocations? Cut‐off date? Refund available? What is the money raised to be used for exactly? Action Jill.

Many thanks to Jill for providing refreshments and the use of her home.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is on Tuesday 17 July 2012 at 49 Towngate East, Market Deeping at 7.30pm.

Minutes Submitted By:

Jane Lawrence ‐ Secretary

Approved By:

Jill Eve ‐ Chairperson