2013 – September

Meeting Notes from 21st September 2013 (Download as a PDF File)

Friends of a Handful or Harmonies

Notes of a meeting held on 21st September 2013 at 7-30pm at 11 Walkers Way, South Bretton.


Claire Bruce (CB), Jackie Dodds (JD), Rowena Sampson (RS) Genevieve Stocker (GS) Sue Ward (SW) Anne Welby (AW)


Sandra Papworth (SP), Rachel Waterhouse (RW), Pat Weavers (PW).

Notes of previous meeting held on 12th July were read and accepted as a true record by those who had been present.

Matters Arising from AGM

All members to send their contact details to Rowena ASAP   Action all

PW to meet with Debbie Weston for hand-over of the accounts and subsequent approval by the committee. Action PW

Risers – noted that AHOH may have the opportunity to work with risers at the concert in Spring. Discussion following that event if still felt relevant.

£20 raised for Friends at the BBQ and hoped that this would be repeated next year – it was a lovely afternoon. Thanks to RS for organising it.

Suggestions for spending funds – Uniform – suggestions have been made that polo shirts are not smart enough for some venues and some members expressed their views. JD reminded that the group can make suggestions or give feedback received but the operation of AHOH is not the remit of the Friends group.

Notice boards GS has this in hand, delivery of boards expected 15/10/13.

Activities  Race night on 2nd November to include a pink tombola.

Games night in the New Year detail tbc

Bake –Off for New Year possibly linking the final to another event.

JD suggested we keep a diary to avoid clash with singing events    Action JD

Reps –Anne Welby was welcomed to the meeting as the rep for Bourne. Stamford now the only group with no rep –JD to raise at sessions.   Action JD

Discussion took place re buddies or deputies –it was agreed that each rep could make whatever arrangements best suited them as long as their group was represented at meetings.

Website – JD has contact details for Jay who manages the AHOH website and will forward documents as required. Backdated notes of March /June /July meetings, AGM, constitution and future committee meetings to be loaded onto website    Action JD

Constitution –brief discussion took place to agree minor changes to the constitution to more accurately reflect the purpose of the Friends group.

Communication from Friends will be via reps, on notice boards and newsletters, at present it was felt there is not sufficient material to warrant separate newsletters for each location.    Action all

Badges –JD has ordered and will distribute –photos will be organised in future weeks.

Any Other Business

Suggestions for singing events must be directed to Andrew Clingo (AC). RS has been contacted by Serpentine Green and Dobbies but is awaiting further info which she will discuss with him.   Action RS

Photo album –SW suggested that we should try to compile an album to record all of our events and performances to serve as a history of AHOH.  Deferred to next year SW

Christmas –last year Friends of AHOH gave each group £25 towards a social event of their choice at the end of the winter term. It was agreed to repeat this and each rep find out what their group would like to do.   Action all

Next meeting 14/10/13 at SW house (Spalding), then 2/12/13 venue tbc.

Dates for future meetings to be set and arranged where possible around existing sessions.

Meeting closed 9-55pm.