2013 – October

Meeting Notes from 21st September 2013 (Download as a PDF File)

Friends of a Handful or Harmonies

Notes of a meeting held on 14th October 2013 at 7-30pm at Conifers’ 1 Hoekman Drive, Spalding PE11 3HF

1 Present

Jackie Dodds (JD), Rowena Sampson (RS) Genevieve Stocker (GS) Sue Ward (SW) Pat Weavers (PW), Anne Welby (AW)

2 Apologies

Claire Bruce (CB), Karen Human (KH) Rachel Waterhouse (RW),

3 Notes of previous meeting held on 10th September were read and accepted as a true record by those who had been present.

4 Matters Arising from meeting

All members to send their contact details to Rowena ASAP Action all

Notice boards and Lanyards have been received and distributed.

Website to be updated with notes of meetings and amended constitution. Action JD

RS has had no further contact from Serpentine Green or Dobbies – no further action.

Christmas celebrations – reps to ask members how they would like to mark end of term. Action all reps

Future meeting dates set as per event schedule. Next meeting 2nd December.

5 Business of Meeting

Uniform – any thoughts or ideas re what the choir wears for performances should be directed to Andrew –the remit for Friends is to respond to any request for funds. Members can give individual views or ideas to Andrew in their own right.

6 Treasurer Report – transfer delayed due to PW holiday but now all signed over. Account £486.46 but some discrepancy which PW is trying to reconcile. Receipts book for cheques received now in use.

Charitable Status – consideration being given to whether the group should apply. PW looking into the implications and will report back to the group. Action PW

Accounts –the books will be closed at the end of August 2014 for auditing.

7 Event diary has been produced and will be updated at each meeting.

8 Activities

Race night on 2nd November to include a pink tombola.
Christmas Fayre –Suzanne Schultz is looking into this.
Games night in the New Year detail tbc
Bake –Off for New Year possibly linking the final to another event.
Film/ theme night possible Sing-a- long planned for January 2014
Quiz night date tbc Genevieve
PW birthday celebration in August will incorporate fund raising.
Ceilidh probably October due to availability of the venue.
AHOH had been approached to take part in running the Deeping Carnival –it was felt this was not a “Friends” matter but that AHOH probably did not have the capacity to lead on it either.

9 Donations No further action

10 Any Other Business

Public liability insurance -Debbie Weston was going to provide this.

JD to chase

Other fundraising suggestions

Calendar 2015 (SW)

Recipe Book (SW)


Members will pursue these and report back.

Next meeting 2nd December 7-30pm at PW house, Northborough.