2013 AGM Chair’s Report

Chair's Report for AGM held on 5th September 2013 (Download as a PDF File)

Chairs report 2013 AGM

Friends of A Handful of Harmonies

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the first AGM of Friends of A Handful of Harmonies. We will this evening present to you details of events held over the past year and the annual accounts, but first I would like to take a few minutes to say a few words about why the group was set up and its aims.

The spur to start the fundraising committee in July 2012 was to raise money for our planned trip to London, quite a sum needed raising, a task too great for one individual so a committee was set up. As well as the London trip, longer term goals were also considered and discussed and the potential that could be achieved with further fundraising and the growth of A Handful of Harmonies was an exciting prospect. It seemed that the committee could help raise funds for ventures, similar to London, to enable members to enjoy and showcase their singing, performing together, whilst enabling the members to have fun in the fund raising process.

A statement in the constitution therefore summarises the aim, ‘to raise money to support members to learn to sing and provide opportunities to perform together in A Handful of Harmonies choir’.

The funds for Her Majesty’s trip to London were raised, and other objectives have also been met throughout the last year, for example, providing money for the flowers that adorn our formal wear at concerts. Members have been very generous with their support and time throughout the year, indeed enjoying to social side to the fundraising too.

The London trip was so successful that we were invited back later the same year when 1640 productions had been let down by another act, and again the group excelled and the feedback was very positive from both sides. ‘Friends of’ provided funding for the bus so that the members could perform without extra costs to themselves.

It was decided that appointing reps. for each choir group would facilitate easier feedback and information sharing and take the onus away from Andrew to remember to keep members up to date for any of our events. This has worked well throughout the year. The feedback has been very useful in our determining what events to hold etc. and we can give weekly updates if needed about tickets sales for example or changes in any plans. The information about events is also published each month in the A Handful of Harmonies newsletter. Keeping the information together on one site ensured that members only had one information spot to plough through per month and not be over whelmed with emails.


The implementation of the request/suggestion form was in response to feedback from members. Forms are available at each choir session for members to submit requests for funding or suggestions for fundraising events. We can then discuss at the next committee meeting any ideas raised and therefore spend the funds on what is needed in a more targeted way. A few have been used to date and funding has been received as per the aim of the constitution.

This year, we have again risen to the task of raising money for the planned trip to London on October 6th, you will see in the accounts report that a large part of this year’s fundraising has been used for it. Many members have worked hard in several events crafting, singing, cooking, collecting, co-ordinating, betting! etc. etc. to enable this to happen. I’m sure the members that go to London will benefit enormously from it and feedback will be just as positive as last year.

I would like to thank the fundraising committee of Friends of A Handful of Harmonies and the members of A Handful of Harmonies for all of their hard work over the last year. To all that have been involved you should feel very proud of yourselves when you see what has been achieved. I’d like to thank the outgoing secretary and treasurer for all their hard work and I thank the reps who are standing down too.  I believe that the whole year’s fund raising has been even more successful than we on the committee could have dreamt of at the beginning and again my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed.

I would like to wish the all new officers all of our best wishes and good luck for the new fund raising year and look forward to future fundraising events.


All my best for the future

Jill Eve