2013 AGM Notes

Annual General Meeting - 5th September 2013 (Download as a PDF File)

Annual General Meeting held at 7pm on Thursday 5th September 2013 at the Open Door Baptist Church, Deeping St James.

The meeting was attended by the following members: Lynn Barber (LB), Jackie Dodds (JD) ,Jill Eve(outgoing Chair)(JE), Beryl Jenkins (BJ), Diane Kedge (DK),  Jane Lawrence (JL), Sandra Papworth  (SP), Rowena Sampson(RS), Genevieve Stocker (GS), Jean Street (JS), Sue Ward (SW), Rachel Waterhouse(RW), Debbie Weston (DW).

Apologies received from: Andrew Clingo (AC), Anja Greaves, Pamela Hall, Gaynor Hannen, Maureen Lloyd, Bev McKay, Alison Marsh, Kerry Pirie, Yvonne Sharland, Jennie Sharman, Nicola Thomson, and Pat Weavers.

This is the first AGM since the Friends of HoH was set up last year to support fund raising for the proposed concert(s) in London.

Chairs Report

JE summarised the activity of the group and thanked the committee and members for all their hard work over the previous year.

The full Chair’s report is attached.

Treasurers Report

The outgoing Treasurer distributed a copy of the debit/credit to the bank account. The detailed accounts information had not been returned by the accountant, (Dexter – Sharpe) and the treasurer had had to produce the report from limited information.   A variance of £559.62 was noted as income not currently accounted for. Some discussion took place as to where the money may have been raised but it was agreed that the committee would formally adopt the accounts when the year- end position had been finalised.

Accounts proposed (RW)

Accounts seconded (JL)

Agreed (all)


It was noted that the income from the Strawberry Fayre had been donated to the Stroke Association at the request of AC. This had not been authorised by the committee as the event had been publicised as a fundraiser for Friends. JE had contacted AC to clarify this and was awaiting a response.

Barbeque: RS confirmed that some money (amount tbc) had been raised by the £2.50p charge for the Ferry Meadows barbeque which was a successful event attended by 16 members and their families. An additional donation of £5.00 was given with the agreement of the donor to the Cambs branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Assn for which RS is a registered fund raiser.

Refreshments: JE confirmed that money she raised from donation to the clothes bank provided the refreshments for the AGM.

Charities: DK asked about the proceeds raised for charity by concerts in which AHOH participate. It was clarified that concerts are an arrangement between AC and the concert organiser, and not the remit of the Friends Group.

Other fund raising: it was proposed that, after the initial fund raising for London, other projects be considered to benefit all members e.g. risers as noted for Stamford Art Centre concert?

Suggestion forms for raising and spending funds are already available (including at the AGM) and all choir members should be encouraged to complete them.  Any suggestions that impact on the function of the choir must be agreed with AC including the full implications of such purchase –RS commented that storage and transport of risers can be an issue from her working knowledge of another choir.

Co-op/Waitrose Community Matters: requests to be sent for donations via in store boxes

Election of Officers

The existing committee officers stood down and did not wish to be considered for re-election.

Secretary: Rowena Sampson

Proposed JS

Seconded SP

Treasurer: Pat Weavers

Proposed JD

Seconded GS

Chair: Jackie Dodds

Proposed SW

Seconded D W (outgoing Treasurer)

Reps for each group will be appointed on 3-year cycle, it was agreed that it is appropriate to have a deputy to attend meetings if rep not available but both are not required to attend.

Group representatives were elected as follows:

Bourne: JS standing down new rep required

Deeping: GS

Langtoft:  SP

Oundle:   RW

Peterborough Claire Bruce

Stamford: Sue Martin standing down

Spalding: SW

The new committee gave thanks to the outgoing committee, and to the deputies that had supported them.

Business of the meeting

General discussion took place about how the profile of “Friends” could be improved. It was recognised that the group had been set up very quickly to meet the urgent demand of the first London concert. With no time for a formal launch there is huge potential to engage the wider membership of AHOH.

The following actions were agreed and will be discussed at the first committee meeting:

Notes of meetings and group constitution to be available for all members on the AHoH website

Reps for each group to wear a distinguishing badge, to introduce themselves to new members and to purchase notice boards for each group to communicate information in addition to that held on the website. Photos may be included.

Notes of each meeting to be distributed to the committee within 2 weeks of meeting date and approved in principle by email prior to submission to website.

Suggestion forms for fund raising to be available at every meeting –it was noted that a link to these is already in place on the website.

Newsletters will be produced -it was suggested possibly an individual newsletter for each group in addition to main newsletter. Responsibility for compiling individual newsletters to be agreed by the committee.

An introduction to Friends of AHoH to be included in pink folders for new (and existing) members.

Any Other Business Brief discussion took place to widen the scope of fund raising events to involve external people/organisations so that the responsibility for fund raising does not fall wholly to AHOH members.

A number of suggestion forms were completed at the meeting to be taken forward by the committee.

The meeting closed at 20.20 with thanks to all for attending