2015 AGM Notes

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Notes from Friends of A Handful of Harmonies Annual General Meeting
held on Tuesday September 29th 2015
19.45 hours at The Green School Market Deeping.

Present – 21

Apologies – Jean Cornford, Carole Tovell, Helen Carrick, Beverley Mackay, Chris Chamberlain, Sue Ward, Catherine Gerarty.

Notes of the last AGM held on 30th September 2014 – Agreed and signed as a true record.

Matters arising –

  • Welcome pack now includes some information about FoAHoH.
  • Chase the Ace was set up to run at Show Choir but did not prove to be very popular and was discontinued once the “pot” had been won.
  • Charitable status- Jackie explained that when the application was re- examined it became clear that the funds we raise benefit AHoH who in turn generate money for charity. It is however, hard to demonstrate a direct link between FoAHoH and charitable benefits, so it was agreed not to pursue the application any further.
  • Transportable clothes rail – the choir had the opportunity to use a clothes rail shortly after the previous AGM and it proved to be of little use. Music stands have been purchased thanks to a bid to News International which was submitted by Pat on behalf of the choir.

Treasurer’s Report – Pat Weavers presented her report, a copy of which is attached. Total raised over the year was £6301.79; total expenses were £5792.53 and the balance of the account is £2882.56. Pat pointed out that £2062.50 was paid out of funds to cover the shortfall against tickets for the performance at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. The tickets had to be purchased in order for A Handful of Harmonies Choir to meet its contractual agreement with 1640 Productions, and was a condition for their performing. It is regrettable that these seats could not be reallocated.

Chairman’s Report – Jackie Dodds presented her report, reflecting on another successful year of fundraising, and thanked everyone who has supported FoAHoH throughout the year. A copy of the report is attached.

Election of Committee – All members of the existing committee had been asked if they wished to remain in position. All had agreed to remain and as there were no further nominations the committee was re- elected as follows:-

Chair– Jackie Dodds (JD); proposed June Bird, seconded Rachel Waterhouse
Treasurer – Pat Weavers (PW); proposed Yvonne Sharland, seconded Anne Welby
Secretary – Genevieve Stocker (GS); proposed Caroline West, seconded Jean Street
Bourne – Anne Welby (AW); proposed Marie Josee Green, seconded Caroline West
Deeping – Debby Gay (DG); proposed Jenny Sharman, seconded Pat Weavers
Stamford – Suzy Grigson (SG); proposed Sandra Papworth, seconded Gail Luke
Oundle –Rachel Waterhouse (RW); proposed Karen Human, seconded Anne Welby
Spalding – Caroline West (CW); proposed Gail Luke, seconded Marie Josee Green
Langtoft – Karen Human (KH); proposed Gail Luke, seconded Marie Josee Green.

Role of Friends of AHOH – JD told the meeting that historically most of the fundraising so far has been organised by members of the FoAHoH committee and we would encourage any members of the choir to be more involved if possible. Over the past three years FoAHoH has built up a range of skills and would be more than willing to help with practical advice, providing contacts details and promoting the event around the groups. It is hoped that the choir members present will spread the word and encourage other members to put forward their ideas.

Requesting funds – JD reiterated that anyone can make a request for funding, as long as it meets our stated aims; at present the majority of requests have been from Andrew Clingo. JD mentioned the possibility of members requesting to attend singing workshops, or for tuition for a specific project. SG asked if it would be possible to have a mailing list for each group to be able to communicate more easily. It was agreed to ask Andrew Clingo if this would be possible.

AOB – June Bird asked who will be paying for a coach to Rothwell, JD advised that at the time of the meeting it was not confirmed if a coach would be used. A message had been sent to the choir to see if there would be a demand and it had been agreed with Andrew that a request would be submitted to FoAHOH on his behalf if this was the case. Friends and family would be able to buy places on the coach in the same way that this has previously operated for the London coaches.

Jennie Sharman raised the question of the keyboards stored at the various venues and asked if they are they insured. JD will check with Andrew, but once the keyboards had been handed over they are not FoAHoH property.

Sandra Papworth thanked Rachel and Karen for all their hard work organizing the second CD recording session. It was a good day although tiring, Both RW and KH said the hard work is yet to start with the producing, printing etc.

CW asked if anyone has done or knows someone who has any experience of running or organising a treasure hunt, No one present had, but those present agreed to ask around and pass the information to Caroline. Caroline also mentioned that Sue Ward has a good quantity of pink tombola prizes should anyone be in need of raffle prizes.

PW asked if we could film a Show Choir session, to allow members to see themselves perform. This was felt to be a good suggestion but we need to be clear how we would make use of the recording in order to improve.

A brief discussion took place regarding the pink blooms currently in use for formal performances, as they have been in use for three years now. Any ideas or suggestions to be referred to Andrew.

KH described how she had been in contact with ITVs ‘This Morning’ regarding a possible makeover for the choir last year. In the event it did not take place but there may be an opportunity to revisit this.

Date for next AGM – 27th September 2016. Meeting closed 20.50 hrs.



Friends of AGM 2015

Chairs Report

I would like to welcome you all to the third AGM of Friends of AHOH, which this year is being held here in the Green School at Market Deeping chosen as a central location which we hope was accessible for any members of the choir who wished to attend.

Any member of the choir is automatically a member of FoAHOH but participation with anything we do is entirely optional! The group is run by a committee of three officers and a representative for each location. This committee meets on a minimum of four occasions per year and are in regular email contact. We have a formal constitution which governs how the committee operates and how the group is run, to give assurance that funds entrusted to us are fully accounted for. Pat has approached the role of treasurer with diligence and tenacity and I am thankful for her efforts this year. As secretary, Genevieve has operated as the communication hub, providing records of all meetings and being the point of circulation for posters and updates. We have had another successful year of fundraising and are delighted that we have been able to continue to support choir members to learn to sing and provide opportunities to perform together, as you have heard in the treasurers’ report. We were particularly pleased to be able to complement Andrew’s existing stock of keyboards to enable him to have one based at each venue, reducing wear and tear on the existing equipment and thus benefitting the wider membership of AHOH.

Fundraising events have taken place throughout the year and amongst other things this year has seen theatre trips, quiz nights, race nights, family sing a long films and two supper evenings on Burns night and St Georges’. We were delighted that again working in collaboration with Andrew a second “CD Experience” took place earlier this month and are looking forward to hearing the final result quite soon. We have also run a written quiz each term; these do not raise huge amounts of funds but are greatly enjoyed by many choir members and their friends. We have also recently launched a 100+ club which is a monthly raffle yielding cash prizes for lucky winners!

This success of the group is entirely due to the hard work of some choir members and the many more of you, along with your friends and families, who continue to support our fundraisers. We like to think that we also provide an element of social contact for choir members over and above our weekly sessions.

Information on events; newsletters and current funding position are displayed on notice boards at sessions. We try not to disrupt AHOH session time - but we do want to be able to reach people who are interested and are keen to be involved.

We have made good use of the AHOH website – Friends of AHOH has a tab on the home page, and we have linked a dedicated email address to each rep. All newsletters, quiz results, meeting notes and forthcoming events are posted on the website to give easy access for anyone who wants to have a look. There are also frequent postings on our Facebook pages.

I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their hard work during the past year, both as fundraisers and committee members and to mention Helen Carrick who has been the representative for Peterborough until it was closed in the summer.

We are also grateful to Andrew for working closely with us and for his practical contribution as MC at many of our fundraising events.
So we close this year in a favourable financial position and in readiness for the next major funding request that comes our way. Looking forward to more fun and laughter and sheer hard work in support of our very valuable cause - with every good wish for another successful year.

Jackie Dodds



The accounting year is from 29th September 2014 to 7th September 2015.
The accounts are presented as Receipt and Payment Accounts and have been independently verified.

This year has again seen fantastic fundraising efforts.
I would like to thank all those who have organised fundraising events as well as everyone who has supported said events.

Please see attached full Receipt and Payment accounts for breakdown of total gross income and gross expenditure.

The attached Annual Treasurers Report gives a breakdown of net funds raised and expenditure for this financial year. I need to highlight that unfortunately that not everybody who took part in the Drury Lane concert bought their full allocation of tickets. This resulted in £2062.50 being paid out of funds to cover the ticket shortfall. If this had not been paid A Handful of Harmonies Choir would have been in breach of terms and conditions for taking part in the concert and would not have been able to perform.

MAY 2011
Since Friends of A Handful of Harmonies started the total funds raised equals: £18,815.29
Since Friends of A Handful of Harmonies started the expenditure on items purchased equals: £14,550.79

Breakdown of expenditure:

£11,154.50 to help members access West End performance opportunities.
£1161.30 Pianos to be stored at each session venue.
£809.13 P A system and microphones to enhance outside performances.
£500 Music stands.
£300 Xmas gifts to each choir group.
£200 costume accessories for West End performances.
£139.85 notice boards and lanyards to improve communication to all.
£286.01 Sundries.

A full copy of the accounts are available for review and I present them to the committee.

Mrs Pat Weavers
Treasurer Friends of A Handful of Harmonies

Date: 07/09/2015

Friends of A Handful of Harmonies



Balance of account at previous AGM (30/9/2014): £2336.46

Balance of account (29/09/2015): £2882.56

Funds raised: 01/10/2014 to 07/09/2015

Fund raisingevents:£6301.79

Outgoings: £5792.53

  • Theatre trips - £991
  •  CD orders - £425
  •  Supper nights - £890.77
  •  Easy fundraising - £201.67
  •  Sing a long films - £331.01
  •  Quizzes - £343.10
  •  Race night - £733.67
  •  Donations / other – £2385.57
  •  Microphones - £194
  •  Backing tracks - £150
  •  Pianos - £1161.30
  •  Music stands - £500
  •  Microphone stands - £108.72
  •  Black folders / CD cases - £33.49
  •  Choir coaches - £1330
  •  Drury Lane ticket sale shortfall - £2062.50
  •  Other - £252.52

Thank you to the organisers of the fundraising events and to everyone who has supported.

Mrs Pat Weavers